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At 菠菜导航网, we believe innovative partnerships help advance our mission. By partnering with the best and brightest subject-area experts, we enrich and enhance our academic excellence and curricular programs to quickly address today’s most important educational priorities.


In 2010, 与菠菜导航网合作 the 创意领导中心 - one of the world's top-ranked providers of executive education. Together, 菠菜导航网开创了一个开创性的, Pre-K - 12 curriculum designed to teach the leadership skills that hundreds of business, government, nonprofit and education leaders from all over the world have identified as crucial - but frustratingly rare - in today's workforce. 这一行动, 从这里开始, prepares our students to become citizen leaders - to lead and collaborate with others to create positive change.


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成立于2008年 全球教育 Benchmark Group (GEBG) collects data to assess outcomes and practices to create a nationwide standard for global education, 无论是在校内还是校外. 菠菜导航网 is a founding member of the group. GEBG的使命如下:

1. To identify best practices in global education by collecting, analyzing, 分享GEBG成员的数据.

2. To promote the development of global citizens in independent schools and beyond through global curriculum, experiences, 以及制度支持. 全球教育 develops the knowledge, skills, and empathic orientation required to understand multiple perspectives and to thrive in increasingly interconnected world systems. A global citizen acts to promote the common good locally, nationally, and internationally.

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Recognizing that social media is a powerful influence on a student’s development, 与菠菜导航网合作 社会研究所 on a new, exclusive and groundbreaking social media education program - 赢得社交. The curriculum features age-appropriate topics and real life social media challenges and dilemmas, which they discuss with peers in small group workshops. 菠菜导航网的综合, integrated approach engages not only students, but faculty and staff and parents too.

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The goal of TowerBridge /新绿洲 是提高U的质量.S. study abroad opportunities for international students. TowerBridge/New Oasis has driven new ways of thinking about international education and continues to grow and change the way students study abroad in the United States.
与夫人一起进行户外活动. 科菲2015年2年级到2016年的班级
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