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家长团体 Build Relationships and Promote 菠菜导航网’s Excellence

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菠菜导航网 is a patchwork quilt of families who chose the school not only for its outstanding educational opportunities but also for its welcoming community. 自2016年以来, 全球家长大使 has strengthened that bond by encouraging international families to share their cultures and traditions and helping them navigate and enjoy new experiences in the United States.

校友的家长 盖尔Kansler, 谁的女儿是从中国收养的, helped identify the unique opportunities multiculturalism held for 菠菜导航网. “I was intrigued by the concept of preparing our children for global citizenship,” she said. 想要支持拉文斯克罗夫特 国际文凭项目, 2016年,她找到了大卫·凯特, who was then the school’s Director of 全球教育 and Initiatives. He suggested that Raven parents could boost community building by helping international families acclimate to the school and the 罗利 community. 一个新的焦点——以及一个新的母公司——形成了, with leaders soon realizing that the group could help build greater cross-cultural awareness among families interested in learning about other countries as well.

庆祝美国传统, GPA families gather in fancy hats to enjoy the Kentucky Derby in 2018.

GPA has hosted an impressive array of social and cultural events for parents since then. 美食体验——比如国际香料之夜, 一个奶酪制作车间, a class on making spring rolls and cuisine tastings at local restaurants — always attract a crowd eager for exotic fare and cultural immersion. The group has also supported global 项目 with on-campus events including a 中国新年 celebration that explored the Chinese zodiac and taught students animal characters; a 排灯节的节日 featuring dance and authentic cuisine from the different regions of India; and a workshop on feng shui, 中国古代创造和谐生活空间的艺术. 学校的组织者 文化节, 每两年举办一次, count on GPA members to help showcase the varied cultures and traditions of 菠菜导航网 families.

父母 involved with GPA support a 中国新年 celebration for students in 2019.

“We hope to impart to our children cultural empathy and open-mindedness so they will become global leaders,Aeri Meyers说, 前GPA总裁. “We create opportunities for families to share in their commonalities, 创造回忆,成为孩子教育生活的一部分. One of the things I’m most proud of is seeing families who had been tentative about stretching themselves because of language barriers become very involved in the community.”

如今,对于许多渡鸦族来说,完全沉浸在文化中是一种召唤. 正如全球教育主任Jessica Yonzon解释的那样, “全球教育在拉文斯克罗夫特是菠菜导航网的一个重要组成部分 从这里引出框架 — Leading Self, Leading with Others and Changing Your World — and we offer a number of 旅行、服务和交流项目 菠菜导航网的高中生和中学生. GPA plays an important role to further our mission by supporting our 项目 in a myriad of ways.”

学生学习呼啦, 波利尼西亚的舞蹈形式, 2018年文化节期间, GPA通过志愿者活动支持的校园活动.

大流行让许多乌鸦离家很近, GPA President Lourdes Andrews said the group is hard at work planning virtual events for parents. “菠菜导航网将于11月在Zoom上与一位品酒师举办一场品酒会, 探索黎巴嫩的三种葡萄酒, France and California and talking about the vineyards of those areas.“该组织,其中有强大的存在 脸谱网, is also planning cooking lessons and other activities to socialize online.

Kansler said it’s rewarding to see how GPA has benefitted the school’s international families. “这让他们有信心成为社区的一员, 参与到菠菜导航网的工作中来,同时也在公司之外. 许多人在那里找到了真正的朋友. 社区和归属感非常重要.”

作为2019年秋季RWorld节的一部分, GPA帮助学生们画石头来创建一个社区岩石花园.



除了 to their outstanding work in building community and furthering the school’s mission, 菠菜导航网’s parent groups have enhanced the culture of philanthropy by establishing endowments that recognize excellence and provide financial support for the school in perpetuity. 以下是他们的一些贡献:

  • The 家长协会 捐赠基金, 集团于2000年成立, provides funds for capital purchases and endeavors that benefit the 菠菜导航网 community. 除了, 该基金支持教师专业发展, 家长协会杰出教师奖, 图书馆/媒体中心和所有三个部门的项目.
  • The 雷文斯克罗夫特体育基金会, 成立于2008年,由雷文斯克罗夫特高尔夫精英赛资助, is used to promote excellence in interscholastic 运动s at 菠菜导航网.
  • 2015年,家长协会成立了 拥抱可能性基金, contributing $600K over five years in support of the $15M campaign.
  • The 拉文斯克罗夫特运动俱乐部领导基金, 2016年成立, supports professional development for faculty and staff in the 体育运动 program.

Above, the best-loved social events for parents involved with GPA tend to involve sampling delicious foods from all over the world.


想要加入家长团体? 去问问学校的校长 日历 查看Zoom会议日期和链接, and read the dedicated “Parent Involvement” section of the 菠菜导航网 Weekly for information and updates.


Faculty and staff discuss the impact of parent groups on our school and community.